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OCD vs Coronavirus


by Zoe Butcher (OCD Girl’s alter ego)

Ah, an epidemic. That special time when everyone suddenly realises that maybe, just maybe, they should be washing their hands more often (apparently a lot of folks seem to view this practice as optional rather than essential). Whilst sufferers like myself sit back in the smug knowledge that we’ve been washing our hands properly, not shaking hands and opening doors using bits of kitchen paper for years, the rest of the world has a nasty case of sudden-onset OCD.

If you arelike me, a long time OCD suffering germ-phobe with emetophobia to boot then you probably don’t need to be told how important it is to wash your hands properly.


For those of you though, that think hand washing is a waste of time and that germs somehow just ‘bounce’ off you harmlessly due to some hitherto unknown superpower you have – the above is the NHS (that’s the free health service we have in the UK for you US peeps) guide on how to wash your hands properly. Follow it. Sing Happy Birthday to yourself (not out loud, that’s going to invite funny looks and/or sectioning) two times whilst washing. That’s how long it should take you.


  • Masks are pointless (unless you have the exact right one and have been trained how to use it properly and had it fitted by an expert).
  • Hand sanitizer is OK for out and about but NOT AS EFFECTIVE AS WASHING YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER.
  • Coronavirus (or COVID-19 as it is properly known)  despite apparently having its own podcast in the UK now (?!) is not a sentient evil being hell-bent on killing everyone. It’s a virus. Like the flu. It is mainly dangerous to the elderly or those with underlying health issues. Don’t panic.
  • And finally….




End rant.