About OCD Girl


My name is Zoe Butcher.

After suffering from OCD for over 20 years it occurred to me one day that I needed my own superhero, one who represented my own, twisted reality. One who would only rescue clean people from hygienic situations. One who might, occasionally, turn up late to a disaster because she’d had to switch the light on and off 68 times ‘to stop something bad happening’. And thus, OCD Girl was born.

She’s not a particularly useful superhero, she’s not even a particularly nice superhero, but she’s here, and occasionally she may make you laugh.

I should point out that my focus when creating OCD Girl strips is not to laugh at those who suffer from OCD, but to laugh at the disease, and the utterly ridiculous things it can make us do.

I should also point out that some of the older OCD Girl strips will look a lot better than the later ones. This is because they were drawn by Dan Butcher from Vanguard Comic.